On the Horizon

Our exhibition at Fayetteville Underground in November was well-received. We loved the chance to interact with visitors at our two artist talks. While we prefer to stay behind the camera and out of the spotlight, it was great fun to talk about our work in the Wichitas and share stories with our audiences.

The exhibition is crated and ready to travel to other venues (we’ll announce future shows here and on social media).

Saddle Mountain School, Wichita Mountains

The new year began with a most enjoyable e-mail interview conducted by Payton Christenberry of the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute (one of my favorite places in Arkansas). We got to talk about what we do and why but also about our thoughts and ideas regarding the arts in Arkansas. As the first installment of a new monthly series highlighting Arkansas artists, our interview went up in February.

And we just found out that we have been nominated as a team in the “Favorite Photographer” category of the Idle Class Magazine‘s 2016 Black Apple Awards, a series of awards honoring artists and artisans in Arkansas. If you like what we do, please vote for us on the Idle Class’ website before April 10. Thank you!



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Photographer, Writer, Translator

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